The Best Places For Go Karting In Texas

The Best Places For Go Karting In Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the USA and offers some of the best options for Go Karting in the country.

The Best Places For Go Karting In Texas

Let’s say you’re in Texas and trying to work out where the best place for Go Karting is – with so many options out there, how can you be sure which one is the best for you? 

That’s why we’ve written this article! Below is a guide that will outline the 5 best places for Go Karting in Texas.

We’ve made sure to include a variety of different tracks, breaking down each one to give you everything you’ll need to know before your next trip.

We’ve also made sure to include a FAQ section to help answer any additional questions you might have. 

Dallas Karting Complex 

Dallas Karting Complex 

If you want an authentic racing experience with a huge host of different karts and the largest track on our list, look no further than Dallas Karting Complex. 

State: Texas

City: Dallas 

Type: Outdoor

Track: Large with 17 Turns 

Karts: Variety Including 2-Seater Karts 

Karts Top Speed: 85 mph

Requirements: 8 years and 50” for junior karts. 

Onsite Food & Beverages: No

Entertainment: No

Partry & Group Booking: Yes

Merch Shop: No

Price Range: $25-$65

Address: 5025 FM1565, Caddo Mills, TX 75135, United States

Opening Hours: 11am-9pm every day except Saturday. 

Track: This is one of the largest tracks we looked at, with 8 miles in total track with 17 turns. This is a track that is perfect for both casual racers to start with, and also for competitive racers to hone their skills with sharp turns. 

Karts: Karting Complex has a selection of different karts from kids versions to adults, and even 2-seater versions so that you can ride together. They offer rentals on all different kinds of karts including Cadet, Sodi 2 Seat, Adult, Sodi GTMAX, Vortex VLR, and the Rotax DD2. These carts go all the way up to speeds of 140 km/h (Rotax DD2). 

The top speed of their Rotax DD2 is 140km/h, though this one requires some driving experience to try out! 

Food & Beverages: No onsite restaurant, but there are a few in the area around with a short walk! 

Booking: You can book over the phone or on their website listed above. Group bookings from up to 10 Drivers cost $300, including head socks, helmets, and Go Pro cameras.

The second option is a 2-race party with up to 10  drivers, which comes in at $500, a 2-race party for up to 20 drivers for $900, and a 3-race party for up to 20 for $1300 dollars. 

If you’re part of a much smaller party then don’t worry, they also have options available for you! 

Restrictions: 8 years and up, and 50” to ride the karts, there are however double-seater karts which you might be able to get your child to ride in the back of. Check with the DKC to see if this is possible. 

K1 Speed Dallas 

K1 Speed Dallas is the Texas branch of one of the most famous Go Karting Chains in all of North America. K1 offers electric karts in an indoor setting and is perfect for groups looking for a great time.

They have options for both junior and adult parties.

State: Texas

City: Dallas 

Type: Indoor

Track: 1 Track with 9 turns. 

Karts: Electric Karts 

Karts Top Speed: 45 mph

48” for Junior Karts, 
58” for Larger Karts 

Onsite Food & Beverages: Yes!

Entertainment: No

Partry & Group Booking: Yes

Merch Shop: No

Price Range:
1 Race – $27.95
2 Races – $49.95
3 Races – $64.95

Address: 677 W Campbell Rd suite a, Richardson, TX 75080, United States

Opening Hours:
12:00pm – 10:00pm every day! 
(variations on holiday days)

Track: This is one of the smaller tracks on our list, and unlike the last two mentioned this one is inside. This means that no matter the weather, you’re going to get the same experience.

It also means that races generally run more laps, which gives you a more authentic racing experience. 

Karts: K1 features all-electric Go Karts that emit absolutely 0 emissions. They have the equivalent of 20 horsepower and you’ll be impressed when you push the pedal and feel the impressive acceleration. 

Speeds: up to 45 Mph.

Food & Beverages: This one has a lounge area named the ‘Paddock Lounge’ that is a great addition and a place where you can chill out after a long series of races.

The Paddock Lounge is a real restaurant, offering a selection of fast food-based dishes including burgers, wings, tenders, nachos, pizza, and quesadillas; as well as a long list of desserts. 

Booking: K1 has several different packages that come at a range of different prices. Firstly they have their arrive and drive racing package, which means that you can just show up without having to book too much in advance.

Secondly, they have options for kids birthday parties, teen birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette, company events, and specialized team-building experiments. Check out all the options on their website here. 

Restrictions: No minimum age but 48” and up. 

COTA Karting

COTA Karting

If you’re looking for a more professional setting, then this one is worth checking out. It’s important to note from the get-go that this is not a track for small children and there are restrictions regarding age and height. 

State: Texas

City: Del Valle

Type: Outdoor

Track: 15 turn course

Karts: Adult Karts 

Karts Top Speed: 55 mph

Requirements: 58” for Larger Karts 

Onsite Food & Beverages: Yes!

Entertainment: No

Partry & Group Booking: Yes

Merch Shop: No

Price Range: starting at $35 per ten minute race. 

Location: 9201 Circuit of the Americas Blvd, Del Valle, TX 78617, United States

Opening Hours:
Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday – 5pm-10pm
Wednesday – 5pm-10pm
Thursday – 5pm-10pm
Friday – 5pm-10pm
Saturday – 10am-10pm
Sunday – 11am-9pm

Track: This is an outdoor race track that is composed of 15 separate turns that will both challenge and thrill you. We found this track to be one of the more complicated on our list, and it’s a great chance for more experienced racers to try something that will test them! 

Karts: This location offers 5 different kinds of karts that will give you different options on how you want to race, including super-fast ‘champ karts’ and even 2 person karts.

There are Junior Karts available that offer teenagers from the ages of 14 and up an opportunity to join in on the fun. 

Speeds: What is known as the “champ kart” can go up to 55 mph. 

Food & Beverages: With this one you’re going to get the authentic feeling of a race track, with several food trucks dotted around the area.

Depending on the time of year, you’re going to get a choice of a lot of different types of food, though this is often changing! Still, expect at least a few American classics! 

Booking: Best To Inquire In Person 

Restrictions: 14 years and 58”

Rimrock Raceway

Next up we’ve got a track in Odessa which offers a great little race track that offers both opportunities for group events of various sizes, as well as individual Go Kart rentals.

They also have league nights for those who would like to compete, or just to come down and watch.

State: Texas

City: Odessa 

Type: Outdoor

Track: Asphalt Track

Karts: DR Racing Karts 

Karts Top Speed: 60 mph

Requirements: 48” 

Onsite Food & Beverages: Yes

Entertainment: No

Partry & Group Booking: Yes

Merch Shop: No

Price Range: $25 – $90

Location: 12412 W Hwy 80 E, Odessa, TX 79765, United States

Opening Hours:
3pm – 9pm Tuesday to Friday
12pm – 9pm Saturday to Sunday
Closed on Mondays

Next up we’ve got a track in Odessa which offers a great little race track that offers both opportunities for group events of various sizes, as well as individual Go Kart rentals.

They also have league nights for those who would like to compete, or just to come down and watch.

Track: So first off, this track is slightly smaller than the one listed above, but it’s very well made for a smooth ride and great traction with an asphalt surface.

It has a few difficult twists and turns, making it a challenge for experienced racers, but it also has some really fun straights to pick up speed! 

Karts: Rimrock Raceway features DR Racing Karts that are both safe to drive and thrilling. These karts are perfect for the outdoor track and add to the overall experience. 

Speeds: The top speed of their karts is 60 mph, and it’s possible to hit this on the straights of the track. 

Food & Beverages: There is a small snack bar that will allow you to buy small items. Perfect for a little stop in-between races! 

Booking: Rimrock Raceway sets their prices by race, with 1 race for $25 and going up incrementally up to 5 races. There are also extensive chances to book group deals. 

Restrictions: 8 years and up, and 48” to ride the karts. 

Track 21

The final place on our list is in Houston. This is the only location on our list that has a choice between different tracks, so if you’re looking to book with a huge group that has a mix of ages, Track 21 is going to offer you the most options! 

State: Texas

City: Houston 

Type: Outdoor

Track: Multiple

Karts: Sodi SR5

Karts Top Speed: 45 mph

Requirements: 48” 

Onsite Food & Beverages: Yes

Entertainment: No

Partry & Group Booking: Yes

Merch Shop: No

Price Range: $18 per race (adults)

Location: 4815 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 77084, United States

Opening Hours:
12-10pm Monday – Friday
Closed On Tuesdays

Track: With this one, you have 3 different tracks to choose from. Firstly there is a central track for adults that has a mixture of straight sections and sharp turns to keep you on your toes.

Secondly, there is the special track which is 400 meters in length and perfect for more experienced drivers. Lastly, there is a small track that has been made for junior racers or those who are new to carting. 

Karts: At Track 21 you’re going to mostly be running into a series of classic karts known as the Sodi SR5. They also have a junior option available which offers a safer, slower experience. 

Speeds: Adult karts will go up to 45 mph, whilst the kids carts will go up to 25 mph. 

Food and Beverages: There is a snack bar available, but also a variety of other restaurants surrounding it, including a Mcdonald’s. 

Booking: Prices based on age include adults from $18, juniors from $15, and groups with a discount of $14.40 per person. There are also opportunities for company parties, as well as special rewards for returning customers! 

Requirements: For adult karting the person must be at least 16 years old with ID, and they must be accompanied by an over 18 year old to sign a waiver on their behalf.

When it comes to the Junior Indy Karts, the child must be at least 52” tall, but there is no age requirement. 

Final Thoughts

That was a list of the best Go Kart places in Texas. When looking for the perfect place for you, make sure you consider the size of your party and what additional facilities you might need.

We hope that this article has given you some ideas for your next session! 

Happy Go Karting, we’re sure you’ll pick the perfect place! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Dangerous Are Go Karts?

Most Go Karting locations will make you sign a waiver, but this is mostly just so that the company isn’t liable in the unlikely event that there is an accident.

Providing you and your other racers follow the safety instructions, Go Karting is quite a safe sport for how fast-paced it is! 

How Old Does A Kid Have To Be For Go Karting?

This depends massively on the place that you go to. Some will have a general age range – typically 8 years old and up – and others will just have a height restriction.

The height restriction tends to be the more common/important one because without it a child will not be able to reach the pedals. 

What Should I Wear For Go Karting?

Generally, you want to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. These can be sweatpants or jeans that you can easily move in.

You don’t want to wear anything too tight, as this will make stepping in or out of the kart difficult, and restrict your movement whilst you’re inside.

You also will need to make sure you wear covered-toe shoes, as it’s likely you won’t be allowed to race without them. 

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