About Us

Have you ever experienced the thrill of go kart racing? The wind shooting past you as you race around the course with your friends - there’s nothing like it. When I was a kid, go karting was a popular activity that all of the kids were involved in. 

Nowadays, that magic has seemed to dissipate slightly. Hi, my name is Andrew Carter and I love to go go karting. So does my entire family, including my kids and grandkids! We’ve included them in races since they were knee-high, and they have grown up to be enthused with their hobby. 

Go karting is fun, gets you out in the fresh air, and is exciting for all involved. If I could persuade one person who reads my website to get to their local track and give it a go, I would be one happy guy.

So, please take a look through my articles and consider taking your family out on a go karting experience. I have included lots of information here on what to take with you and what you can expect from your day. What are you waiting for? Go have fun down at the race track!