The Best Places For Go Karting In Fort Lauderdale

The Best Place For Go Karting In Fort Lauderdale

Florida is known for many things, a guy with a crocodile at a drive-thru, ‘Florida man’ jokes, beautiful sandy beaches, extreme weather and amazing vacationing. 

The Best Places For Go Karting In Fort Lauderdale

It’s safe to say that if Florida does something, they do it big, and they do it hard. But, can the same be said for their Go-Karting scene?

Well, in the gorgeous Floridian city of Fort Lauderdale, you better believe they go all out in Go-Karts! 

They have plenty of tracks, but we want to give you the heads-up on the best one.

Although Fort Lauderdale is something of a vacation destination, who’s to say that you can’t get in some epic Go-Karting on your vacation! 

Get your helmets on, it’s time to get on track!

Xtreme Action Park 

Xtreme Action Park is the largest indoor entertainment venue in all of Florida. Do you want Go-Karts? You got it! You want literally anything else? You’ve got it!

They have everything, and you can expect big things there, arcade rooms, ropes course, trampoline park, escape rooms! 

What don’t they have?

Let’s check out the need-to knows. 

State: Florida

City: Fort Lauderdale

Type: Action Park

Track: Pro/Super Track & Cadet Track

Karts:Junior Karts (TBA), Cadet Karts, Pro Karts, Super Karts

Karts Top Speed: Cadet/Pro Karts= 45 mph, Super 9HP Karts= 65 mph.

Requirements: The Junior Karts are TBA, but will be suitable for children 6-10 years of age, with a maximum weight of 110 lbs.

The Cadet Karts are suitable for children 11-12 years of age, at a minimum height of 4ft 6 inches, and weighing no more than 120 lbs. The Pro karts are for people aged 13+, for those over 62” tall and weighing no more than 300 lbs.

The 9HP Super Karts are for ages 16+ for those over 62” tall and with a maximum weight of 300lbs.

The Pro and Cadet Karts cannot be on the same track at the same time, and those under 18 need to have a parent or guardian sign a waiver for them.

Entertainment: Bowling lanes, arcade room, ropes course adventure, roller skating rink, laser tag, VR escape rooms, escape rooms, trampoline park, and virtual reality games.

Party & Group Booking: Yes

Merch Shop: No mention

Price Range: $12- $134 (Racing), Parties – Up to $649 + Add-on’s

Xtreme Action Park Overview

Xtreme Action Park has a huge amount to do and a variety of different Karts for different age groups. This does mean that parents and kids will likely not be racing together, as they will need different Karts. 

However, for parties and events, there is so much to do, no one will be bored. 

The racing can be from fun and jovial to serious Go-Karting action and everything in between.

We would suggest this venue for active individuals with a fire burning in their heart for Go-Karting. 

Race Track Overview

There are two main tracks available, there is the standard track used for Pro and Super Karts mainly, and the Cadet Kart Pit area, as seen on the map available on the venue’s website.

This place has the only gas powered indoor Go-karting track in the Southern corners of Florida. It is 50,000 square feet with poured asphalt to give the best grip and handling. 

The park recently combined two layouts into one. The standard track is used for Cadet, Pro, and SuperKarts. The Standard track has turns, chicanes, and short straights with a reinforced barrier. 

The Junior track is easier for younger drivers with all the fun that the larger track gives.

Type Of Go-Karts

All Go-Karts in the Xtreme feel are basically gas-powered European Racing Karts. There is the BIZ Kart Junior Cadet with 4.5HP, the BIZ Kart EV03 Pro with 6.5HP, and the new Super Karts with 9HP. 

The Cadet Karts have a Honda GX-120 engine, the Pro Karts a Honda GX-200, and the Super with a Honda GX-270. 

Cadet Karts can reach up to 45 miles per hour, and the Super can reach up to 65 miles per hour on a straight. 

For those who are mechanically interested in the Karts, Xtreme Action Park allows you to download the manufacturer spec sheet of the Karts! 

The Best Places For Go Karting In Fort Lauderdale

Food & Beverages

This Venue has a Kitchen and Bar for you to refuel yourself after a long Go-Karting session. 

In the kitchen, you can get burgers, wings and fries. As well as pizza and wraps, quesadillas and more.

Catering is also available and groups can be accommodated with appetizers, fruit and vegetable platters, as well as wings, hot dog, and burger sliders, and more! 

You can download their menu from the website. 

At the bar you can try out several types of Kraft Beers. They have a full liquor sports bar, where you can watch DirecTV Sports on over 50 HDTVs.

They also have their own Xtreme Ale, which is 5.5% ABV and brewed at the Biscayne Bay Brewery. 

Do not miss out on Happy Hour from 4-7pm every Weekday, and the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament every last Wednesday of the month from 7-10pm in the Xtreme Bar. 


As well as the Go-Karting fun, you can participate in laser tag, bowling, a ropes course, roller skating, trampolining, VR escape rooms, VR games, escape rooms, or hit up the Arcade. 

Each of these has their own cost of entry. 

Bowling: $11 pp/ Lane rental (up to 6 persons) $59 Mon – Thurs/ $80.50 Fri – Sun.

Laser Tag: $14 – $30

Ropes Course: $17 pp

VR Escape Rooms:  $25.50 pp (+ tax) 

Escape Rooms: Mon – Fri $32 pp/ Sat – Sun $34 pp.

Roller Skating: $17 pp/ $54 for 5 sessions.

VR Games: $12 pp/ $30 for 3 games.

XD Dark Ride Theatre: $12 pp/ $30 for 3 Games.

Party Or Group Bookings

Birthday Parties

Xtreme provides birthday party bookings for 10-1500 guests, you can rent a room or an entire facility. 

Their packages are custom-made. 

Blast Birthday: $649 

1 Race Session per person, 1 laser tag game/ 1 XD Dark Ride per guest, 1 Ropes Course/ Skating Session per guest/ 1 hour Arcade play per guest, 2 Large cheese pizzas, 2 pitchers of soda, 2 hours event room. Priced for 10 people. 

Pit Stop Racer: $549

1 Race Session Per person, 1 Ropes Course/ Roller Skating/ Laser Tag per person, 1 hr Arcade play, 2 Large cheese pizzas, 2 pitchers of soda, 2 hours in event room. Priced for 10 people. 

Adventure Pack: $499

1 hour laser tag per person, 1 XD Dark Ride per person, 1 Ropes Course/ 2 hours Roller Skating per person, 1 hour Arcade Play per person, 2 large cheese pizzas, 2 pitchers of soda, 2 hours in event room. Priced for 10 people.

Gamer Frenzy: $429

1 XD Dark Ride per person/ 1 Laser Tag Game per person/ 1 VR Game per person, 1 hour Arcade Play per person, 2 large cheese pizzas, 2 pitchers of soda, 2 hour private room. Priced for 10 people. 

Roller Rally: $299 

2 hours Roller Skating, skate rental, 1 hour Arcade Play, 2 large cheese pizzas, 2 pitchers of soda, Reserved Roller Rink seating. Priced for 10 people. 

Strike It Up! : $299 

2 hours bowling, shoe rental, 1 hour Arcade Play, 2 large cheese pizzas, 2 pitchers of soda, Reserved Lane seating. Priced for 10 people. 

Level Up: $250

For 6 people, 1 hour Arcade Play, 2 large cheese pizzas, 2 pitchers of soda, reserved seating for 2 hours, Shared server, additional guests are $20 per person. 

Add Ons! (per person) 

  • Pro Kart Race Session: $26.50.
  • Cadet Race Session: $20.
  • Junior race Session: $15
  • Laser Tag game: $12
  • Roller Skating: $12.
  • VR Games: $10. 
  • Ropes Course: $15.
  • XD Dark Ride Theatre: $8. 

It is also possible to book holiday events, corporate events, not-for-profit/ fundraising events, and you can even rent the arena space as well.

To do this you will need to submit a form to Xtreme action park stating the amount of guests, the date required and then personal and contact information. 

The Best Places For Go Karting In Fort Lauderdale

Age & Height Restrictions

Junior Karts (TBA): 6 to 10 years, Height N/A, 110 lbs maximum.

Cadet Karts: 11-12 years only, minimum height= 54”, 120 lbs maximum.

Pro Karts: 13 years and over only, minimum height= 62”, 300 lbs maximum. 

Super Karts: 16 years and over only, minimum height= 62”, 300 lbs maximum.

Laser Tag: 6 years and above.

Ropes Course: No age restrictions, but must be 52” minimum to play. 

VR Games: 8 years minimum and 48” height requirement. 

VR Escape Rooms: 8 years minimum, 48” height requirement.

Escape Rooms: 16+ age requirement, although minors with an adult may be considered. 

XD Dark Ride: Height requirements not mentioned, minors must be with an adult. Not suitable for those with health conditions (heart conditions, epilepsy, neck, back or bone conditions, high blood pressure, or pregnant people), or those recovering from surgery.

No restrictions noted for bowling, roller skating.

Merchandise Shop

There is no merchandise shop mentioned on the website, however, you can get gift cards for Xtreme Action Park. 

Some activities (such as roller skating) may require you to buy socks from the park as well. 

Additional Information

Location: 5300 Powerline Road, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33309 

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 10pm
Friday: 10am – 11:00pm
Saturday: 10am – 12am.
Sunday 10am – 10pm. 

Pricing & Sessions:

Junior Racing
Mon – Fri: $12
Sat – Sun: $15
Junior Session x3: $32
1 year license with Mobile app + head sock: $10

Cadet Racing

Mon – Fri: $17
Sat – Sun: $20
Cadet Session x3: $45
1 year license with mobile app & head sock: $10

Pro Racing

Mon – Fri: $23
Sat – Sun: $28
Pro Race Session x3: $60
Pro Race Session x5: $86
Xtreme Race License with mobile app & head sock: $10 

Super Racing

Mon – Fri: $28
Sat – Sun: $30
Super Race Session x3: $70
Super Race Session x6: 134
Xtreme Race License with mobile app & head sock: $10

Laser Tag

1 game pp: $14
3 games pp: $30

Ropes Course Adventure

1 person: $17


1 game pp: $11
Lane Rental Mon – Thurs: $59
Lane rental Fri – Sun: $80.50

Roller Skating

1 session: $17
Skate Rental: Included
Socks: $3
5 Sessions pp: $54

XD Dark Ride Theatre

1 person: $12
3 games per person: $30


VR game per person: $12
X3 VR games per person: $30
VR Escape Rooms per person: $25.50 (plus tax)

Escape Rooms

“Dine in at Dusk” & “ Geneva Trail” 
Mon – Fri pp: $32
Sat – Sun pp: $34

“Two Thirty Nine”
Mon – Fri pp: $23:50
Sat – Sun pp: $26.75

Ongoing Special Offers

Online Deals: $22 per person and above. 
Military + First Responders with ID: 10% discount.
Fuel +Fun: $10 Arcade card with 1 meal. 
2 for 22: 2 Activities for $22 every Mon-Thurs.
Freestyle Fridays: 3 Activities for $33 all day on Fridays only. 
(Note: All of Xtreme Action Park’s prices include tax except the Adventure pass or the Escape rooms) 

Make a booking:

Phone: (954) 491-6265
Email: [email protected]
Google Maps.
Free parking on site, although spaces are limited.


We could go on about all the other Go-Karting tracks around Fort Lauderdale, but honestly this really is the only one, and the best part about it is that it is a place for all the family.

It is jam-packed with activities the whole family can enjoy. 

Xtreme Active Park is a massive location, and while there are many other Go-Karting tracks in the area, this one outshines every single one of them. 

Florida has an incredible Go-Karting scene for all the family, and most of it is at Xtreme Active Park.

They have a venue packed full of activities for all ages, and all levels of adrenaline seekers. 

You can even rent out the entire venue if you want to, or a whole room to really get everything you want out of your experience. 

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